Monté Robinson

A coach’s dedication to building character among his athletes

“Coaching Boys into Men opens up a dialogue between coaches and athletes about issues that aren’t really talked about at home or with their peers.”

Monté Robinson has coached football at Westinghouse Academy since 2006. Over the years, he has taken the initiative to connect with his athletes and help them grow into respectful men.

Through his efforts, he discovered United Way’s Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM), which provides high school coaches with tools and resources to engage young male athletes in conversations about respect, character and domestic violence.

“We were really looking to help our athletes think about situations differently and build their character,” Monté said.

Monté and his fellow coaches have found success through the program and feel they’ve been able to connect with their athletes on a new level. “As coaches, we tried to share some of our experiences, and it really helped the kids open up,” he explained.

They’ve noticed changes in the boys that have gone through the program. “They treat their female classmates differently, and they’re not as quick to engage in negative interactions. The boys are more mindful of their actions and behaviors,” Monté said.

The football team at Westinghouse Academy will get started with this year’s CBIM program in October. Monté encourages other coaches to consider the program. “As coaches, we have a responsibility to teach more than just football. Having these tough conversations about respect and consent might not always be comfortable, but it is worth it,” Monté shared.

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