A hard-working mom finds support and a better life for her two-year-old son

My name is Sara and I’m originally from Orlando, Florida. A few years back I lost my job, my home, and my car, all at once. I had my baby to take care of and I felt that the best thing I could do was to move in with my mom in Pennsylvania. I also made the decision to go back to school. Today I attend Westmoreland Community College. I am majoring in Office Technologies and Administration. My goal is to have a successful career working for a big company in a secretarial position.

My story began a few years ago when a woman at school, who was also involved with United Way, had noticed that I always had my son with me. She told me about United Way’s Mothers Making More program and thought it would be good for me. She knew I had a lot on my plate and she explained that it’s for single moms in Westmoreland County that are going to school, who are head of household, and who also work a full-time job.

I joined the program because I thought it would be a good safety net. It has been a great experience. We meet once every two months. They provide life advice and information on other resources that may be helpful. Guest speakers talk about things like budgeting and job applications. They also can provide financial assistance. If you can’t pay your power bill or you need new tires, which was my case, they’ll support you. They helped me buy tires that allowed me to get to my job last winter. Anything that is urgent, they’ll try to help, because it’s hard balancing work, and school, and being a parent. It gives me a lot of comfort because sometimes I’ll be stressed-out and worried that I won’t have enough keep up with the bills.

Before I joined Mothers Making More, I felt pretty alone. I’ve met so many other moms who are facing the same challenges and we have become a support system for each other. The program has meant so much to me because I want my son to have a  standard of living that people should have. This program has made it easier to work and go to school so that he can have the best life. I’m excited for his future. I could see him getting into a sport, maybe football, and excelling. He has lots of possibilities.

Thanks to the generous support of United Way donors, United Way’s Mothers Making More helps single moms, like Sara, achieve greater financial stability and confidence.