Amy Masters

A young philanthropist with a passion to help others

“Joining United Way has provided substantial networking benefits.”

Amy Masters, director of risk consulting at KPMG, maintains a busy schedule and is devoted to helping others in any way she can. “My parents always taught me to be generous,” Amy said. “I was always encouraged to be grateful and recognize everything I have is a gift.”

Amy first became a supporter of United Way after two years at KPMG through the company’s workplace campaign, where she began to learn about the work of United Way and the impact the organization has on her community.

“I have always valued helping others, so I sought out new ways to make an impact on different organizations and people,” Amy commented. “I recognized that my time and dollars could enable organizations to help achieve their missions and decided to make my initial donation to United Way.”

Now, for the past eight years, Amy has consistently supported United Way through donations, participating in events, and spreading awareness of the work the organization does.

As a member of United Way’s Tocqueville Society, Amy enjoys connecting with other members of the community who share like-minded goals. Through her connections and involvement with United Way, Amy continues to find new and interesting ways to engage with her community.

“Giving back to our community is a selfless benefit, but joining United Way and becoming a Tocqueville member has provided substantial networking benefits, as well as access to various resources and discussions through the events they host,” Amy said.

Amy continuously encourages friends and colleagues to become more involved in the community. “There’s always more we can do to support our community and those in need. I challenge everyone, including myself to think outside of the box to find unique ways to help others,” she commented.

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