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Andrea Krueger

“It is important to me that I support an organization that allows me to bring my family along to help make a difference and United Way makes that happen.”

Meet Damon Bethea

Damon’s favorite memory at United Way was the College and Career Day experience for eighth graders in 2018. This event helped to connect eighth graders with college, labor, workforce development and high school transition representatives from across the region. Mentors helped their mentees prepare questions for the fair which impressed many of the college representatives and led to its implementation in United Way’s other mentoring programs.

Kara Rubio

“I think it’s important that young and early-career professionals have a voice in philanthropy. Philanthropy is not just about charity; it’s also an opportunity to learn about fields and sectors that you may not work in and identify ways that your unique skills can make an impact.”

Meet Cai Evans

Meet Cai Evans
Quality & Training Manager, PA 211 Southwest

Lisa’s road to recovery.

“I hope that others will call if they need help. Everyone should know they don’t have to struggle if they get into a pinch.”

Committed to the Region’s Economy and Health

“Everything going on in the world right now, including the pandemic, only heightens the critical need to address healthcare issues and social disparities by supporting organizations such as United Way.”

Becky Gales

“United Way is impacting our friends, our neighbors, and other community members in our region.”