Lacey Thurner

Bringing her active lifestyle and energy to United Way volunteerism

Lacey Thurner serves as a Financial Planner at UBS Financial Services in Canonsburg, PA. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Matt.

Are you from Pittsburgh? Why did you choose to make Southwest PA your home?  

I was born and grew up in Southwest, PA.  There’s just something about Pittsburgh that draws me in and feels like home. The majority of my family grew up in the area and still lives here, so that certainly helps. My husband also was born and raised in Pittsburgh, as were most of my closest friends. I love the city, the people, and the hard-working steel town history and culture. I attended the University of Pittsburgh and was hired at UBS Financial Services in Southpointe upon graduation.

What is your favorite thing about your job?

I’m a financial planner working with individuals and families. I love the complex planning that helps them achieve their goals. It’s like building a puzzle, but with a much more impactful end result. We have such a diverse group of clients and I’m continually amazed and inspired by their interests, experiences, and benevolence. Hearing peoples’ stories and the “why” behind their goals is one of the best aspects of my job.

What are some things you do for fun outside of work?

I’m the lead singer in a cover band called Ruff House. We play in different venues across Southwest PA and West Virginia. My dad and husband are in my band too which is pretty cool!  I also love distance running and Barre3.  Some of the races I’m most proud of completing are the Rachel Carson Ultra, the Laurel Highlands 50k, the Pittsburgh half-marathon, and I’m currently training for the 2020 Pittsburgh Marathon. I’m a huge fan of camping, hiking, anything outdoorsy.  A few summers ago we went camping at Kettle Creek State Park in Clinton County, PA and it was absolutely stunning.  The campground is in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Thus far, that’s been my favorite.

Why do you volunteer with United Way?

I was drawn to United Way through the energy and passion of other volunteers. I wanted to be part of a group that was working hard to better the community. Through United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council and Bridges Society, I absolutely found that.

What is your favorite United Way memory?

I volunteered for Games for Good for the first time two years ago. It was my first United Way event and I didn’t know what to expect. When the kids came charging into the room laughing and excited, I was excited, but also, to some degree, scared.  I’m the first person to admit, I’ve never spent a lot of time with kids and have no children myself, so I felt pretty clueless as to how I was going to lead a group of adults AND a group of children! To my surprise, the kids made it fun and effortless. It was such a great time and now an unforgettable memory.

Why do you think it’s so important to give back to your community?

I love Pittsburgh. I take so much pride in our city and what we have to offer as a community, and I want to see the opportunities here perpetually grow over time. Giving back to the community lifts up people, and local businesses, and I absolutely want to be part of the reason we continue to thrive as a whole.