Making A Difference For Those In Need

For more than two decades, I have watched our community change. Needs continues to grow and we need to continue to evolve to mobilize our community to volunteer, advocate for better policies and provide support for people in need.

By focusing on solving our pressing issues with preventative solutions and bringing together the entire community — policymakers, corporate leaders, agency partners, and people like you who want to help – we can continue to assist our neighbors in need.

Together we have the opportunity to transform the lives of so many people throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania and accomplish long-lasting impact. Join us.


PRESIDENT AND CEO - United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania

Be a Middle School Mentor, United Way's 2-1-1

Together, we can heal

In the last few weeks, we have seen Pittsburgh neighbors from every part of our great city take on the role of givers after the terrible events at the Tree of Life Synagogue. I am so incredibly proud to live in a city where people come together in such tremendous ways. The financial support collected for the victims will make a difference for the families impacted and is greatly appreciated.


Posted byBob Nelkin on November 16, 2018

Coaching Boys Into Men

Working to prevent domestic violence by Coaching Boys Into Men

You have women in your life for whom you would do anything.  Don’t you? If you could reduce the chances of them being disrespected or abused, wouldn’t you? You probably know a girl or woman who has endured verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Right?

Posted byBob Nelkin on June 1, 2018

Open Your Heart to a Senior

Open Your Heart and make a difference in the life of a local senior

There are seniors in our community struggling to remain in their cherished home, dreading going into a nursing home. I bet all of you know someone – perhaps even in your own family. Your mom, your aunt, or your grandparent? Can you feel their pain? If you could join thousands of others helping seniors maintain independence, would you?

Posted byBob Nelkin on April 30, 2018

Early Literacy

Kids who read early, succeed early

Are you aware that many children in our community lack books, reading time, and rich conversations to help them prepare for success in kindergarten and first grade? Children who start behind, will likely stay behind. What if you could help children have more of these valuable early childhood learning experiences? Good news, you can.

Posted byBob Nelkin on March 29, 2018

United for Women

Creating a brighter future for the women we love

I’m sure just about everyone knows a woman who has encountered financial struggles due to an unexpected set-back. You know the life events we’re talking about: job loss, extraordinary health care expenses, caregiving responsibilities, separation, divorce, domestic violence – you could probably add to this list. If you could join others helping women in these tough situations, would you?

Posted byBob Nelkin on March 1, 2018

Be a Middle School Mentor

Showing a middle schooler you care can make all the difference

I believe in the potential for success of public school students, despite the various challenges they face. Do you? If motivating students to graduate high school and pursue successful careers sounds like an important effort, I have good news for you. Right here in our community, there is a proven program that helps students learn about real jobs and careers, set goals, and understand the importance of school success to achieving their dreams. (…)

Posted byBob Nelkin on January 8, 2018

Free Tax Prep

You can support local hard-working people this tax season

Given the cost of rent, utilities, food, transportation, and other basic needs, how do people survive on $14,000 annual income – or less? It seems impossible, doesn’t it? It would be ever more challenging with one or two children, wouldn’t it?

Yet, there are families in our community working to provide for their children on such minimal incomes. Did you know you could help? (…)

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