Kara Rubio

Kara Rubio

"I think it’s important that young and early-career professionals have a voice in philanthropy. Philanthropy is not just about charity; it’s also an opportunity to learn about fields and sectors that…

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Inspiring students in a time of crisis

"No one is above what’s happening right now. This touches everyone. Our community nonprofits and their volunteers are literally keeping people alive. So many were already vulnerable and now they’re…

Passionate about Pittsburgh — and giving back

"I’m a loyal and proud Pittsburgher, and I like knowing there’s a fund through United Way that I can give money to and know that it will be disbursed in a way that best benefits the region."

A joy for life, a passion for serving others

"I love that they provide holistic assistance for everyone and anyone, because we all get down and out at times. I’ve been hands-on with them for years, and I really enjoy the organization."