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Tara achieves her dream to attend college.

While Tara was in high school she wasn’t sure that college was going to be a possibility for her financially. Then she discovered the Neighborhood Learning Alliance (NLA), funded by United Way. NLA supports students in high school struggling with housing insecurity and financial assistance through a college program called “High School U”. Tara joined the program during her freshmen year of high school and throughout her four years in the program, she earned 12 college credits.

When it came time to apply for college, NLA helped her file the necessary FAFSA paperwork as an independent student that allowed her to receive the full Pell Grant Plus federal loan. The NLA also paid for her college transcripts to be sent to Tennessee State University (TSU) where she will attend this fall. This student was awarded additional money from TSU for being identified as an independent student and was awarded a $5,000 HOPE scholarship NLA had recommended to her.

Neighborhood Learning Alliance changes the lives of students by providing them with the necessary support they need to get into college. Thanks to the generous support of United Way donors, Neighborhood Learning Alliance helps students achieve a brighter future.