Enzo Santilli

Father, professional and caring philanthropist

“United Way offers many opportunities to give, ranging from impact funds to specific designations.”

Enzo Santilli always valued giving back to the community and now tries to set an example for his four children. He began his involvement with United Way by contributing to his workplace campaign after graduating college.

“No matter your passion, there is always a reason and place for your contributions to be made and used at United Way,” he said.

Enzo joined United Way’s Tocqueville Society three years ago because he could see how United Way was able to meet the needs of the Southwestern Pennsylvania community, and he wanted to be part of that work.

“If you have the means and are willing to make sacrifices, you can help make the community a better place,” Enzo explained.

While Enzo is still new to United Way’s Tocqueville Society, he has enjoyed being part of the organization’s impact and having the opportunity to catch up with old friends who are also members and network with other like-minded professionals. “I found that a lot of people I already knew were Tocqueville members, and I’ve enjoyed sharing this experience with them,” he said.

Enzo recognizes that our community’s past leaders and philanthropists invested in our region to help make Southwestern PA a great place to live and work. He encourages others who are able to contribute to consider giving their time and dollars back to the community. “The least we can do to continue the legacy of those individuals who came before us is to show we care and give back,” he said.

To learn about how you can get involved with United Way’s Tocqueville Society, visit https://uwswpa.org/tocqueville-society/.