Justin & Lindsay Macken

Fostering a philanthropic mindset for their children

“Now that we have a family of our own, our passion and commitment to supporting the community around us have only grown deeper.” – Lindsay Macken

Justin and Lindsay Macken are passionate about the values they hope to instill in their children. As parents, philanthropy has become an even bigger priority in their lives.

“We want to nurture a perspective for our children that is outward-looking, thoughtful and selfless,” Lindsay explained. Being part of United Way and Tocqueville Society has allowed the Macken family to feel more connected to the community in which they live and raise their children.

Both Justin, vice president of gas systems planning at EQT and Lindsay, stay-at-home mom, have been involved in United Way’s Tocqueville Society for three years. They share a passion for United Way’s work, particularly the work surrounding people with disabilities, as Lindsay has an older sister with Down syndrome.

“Growing up in a family with a sister with special needs, I have always felt a strong desire to become involved,” Lindsay said.

Justin and Lindsay also look for ways to support other children in the community. Earlier this summer, their family attended the Sensory Picnic, where Tocqueville Society members came together to lead fun sensory activities and crafts for kids with disabilities. “It warmed my heart to support even in a small way the parents and caregivers that day,” Lindsay said.

Their kids volunteered alongside them. “We don’t want to shelter our kids from the issues and concerns that our community faces. We want to get them involved in any efforts to help and support those issues,” Lindsay added.

The Macken family encourages others to consider contributing their time, talent and treasure to United Way. “Our youth are a vital element of community service,” Lindsay said. “When we channel their best qualities – energy, curiosity, creativity – the community as a whole benefits, now and in the future.”