From healthcare to philanthropy: impacting the health of our community

Drew Schauble is the Manager of Finance & Revenue Cycle for the Pediatric Service Line at UPMC. His work revolves around keeping our city and surrounding communities healthy, bringing world-leading technology and research here, and employing top talent from local schools to keep them in Pittsburgh. A Southside resident, Drew loves Pittsburgh and is glad to call this city home.

Are you a lifelong Pittsburgher? If so, what keeps you here? If not, what brought you to Pittsburgh? 

I am from Pittsburgh, born and raised in the North Hills but attended Villanova University. As graduation approached, many of my friends accepted jobs in larger cities, but after a great internship experience at UPMC, they offered me a full-time job back here in Pittsburgh. Coming back was an obvious choice for me.

I’ve stayed in Pittsburgh because my family is here. Now, I’ve planted my own roots and really enjoy the ease of living and small town feel in a nice size city. The cultural and culinary growth occurring in Pittsburgh is really exciting!

How does Pittsburgh inspire and inform your work?

The health and well-being of our children and youth in our community are constantly evolving and so is our strategy for treating them and meeting their needs. Being neighbors and partners with such strong research institutions as the University of Pittsburgh (shout out: 2017 Katz MBA grad), Carnegie Mellon University, and Duquesne University to name only a few, positions us to adapt to changing preferences and adopt new technology or medicine quicker than most across the country.  The relationships with our community members and leaders of these institutions are inspiring.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ll tackle this week?

For the next couple weeks, I’ll be working on developing our operating budgets for 2019. With the responsibility of managing around $1 billion dollars in resources devoted to pediatrics, we’re constantly exploring new medicine, services, and technology to help drive quality up and cost down. It definitely adds a challenge identifying where these dollars will be most effective, but it’s a good challenge to have.

What excites you the most about your work?

The fact that I’m challenged every day to solve complex problems in healthcare. I’m respected by my finance leadership as well as clinical and operational leaders here at UPMC, and that’s truly gratifying. I really love the potential to drive my career onward and upward within UPMC, in Pittsburgh.

It’s time to unwind. Where do you head?

I’m a foodie and cocktail enthusiast. I’ll turn to Pittsburgh Magazine’s Top Restaurants list and make a reservation! Probably somewhere in the downtown, Lawrenceville, North Shore or South Side neighborhoods. Today, I’ll stop in for a drink a Grapperia and head for tacos at Condado Tacos (in Lawrenceville). I’ve been to both places recently more than I care to admit.

Why is giving back important to you?

Helping those in need and being able to see, first hand, the impact your efforts and donations are making is euphoric to me. Being able to impact lives and help improve the life course our neighbors are on is a feeling that emphasizes why I do what I do.

Knowing that my talents are needed and appreciated when helping others is gratifying. It’s an added bonus when other benefits come with my philanthropy – when organizations like UPMC and United Way recognize me as a leader in charity and giving back, I seize the opportunity to encourage others to do the same – I hope it’s contagious.

Why United Way? How has your LINC membership helped you, personally and professionally?

This is another one of those added benefits – our money goes to a good cause – but then we’re recognized and rewarded with the benefits offered by United Way of Southwestern PA and their affiliation groups like LINC, and Bridges. These groups, specifically for the next generation of philanthropists have brought new friends into my life, helped spur others to get involved through volunteering and donations, and also brought networking opportunities with peers and senior leaders across Pittsburgh.

United Way is a proven leader in driving resources to those who need them most locally in our communities, and because of this, it is an organization I’ve always felt passionately about.

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