From unemployed to finding a rewarding job with the right support

The Career Development Center restores self-confidence and employment opportunity.

Landon had always had a job. He was a hard worker and good employee. Then Landon began to experience health issues. He took a medical leave of absence only to be laid off shortly after his return. Landon felt hopeless and overwhelmed, and didn’t know where to turn.

“Unemployment was a game-changer for me. I had to get honest about where I was in my life,” Landon explained. “With no health care or job prospects for the future, I was concerned. I knew I was very close to falling into a poverty situation.”

Then a friend recommended the Career Development Center (CDC), a United Way-funded agency. “I knew it was time to ask for help,” Landon recalled. The CDC helped Landon regain confidence in his abilities. They coached him on interview skills, helped him organize his resume, navigate his LinkedIn profile, and obtain his certification for Lean Six Sigma White Belt training – a business process training program. “The support I received helped me remain confident when I struggled to feel strength after losing my job.”

After receiving support, Landon was offered a job as a full-time shipper and floor manager at Patagonia, an environmentally conscience company. He feels the skills he learned with the Career Development Center and his Black Belt certification landed him the job.

Landon feels passionate about his current position and has since gone on to obtain his Black Belt certification. “I found a place that I feel reflects my inner values and enables me to grow while making a difference,” he said. Landon encourages others who might be faced with a similar situation to consider reaching out to United Way’s 2-1-1. “You don’t need to do it alone,” Landon added.

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