Giving Back Together

“Nowhere else can we help so many members of the community.” –Margaret Izzo

Todd and Margaret Izzo met at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1991 and have spent the last 25 years building a life together, practicing law, and raising a family that is grounded in serving the community.

Their support of United Way began 16 years ago, first encouraged by leadership at Deloitte. Now a partner at Deloitte, Todd and his wife Margaret are deeply grateful to be able to support United Way through their Tocqueville Society membership.

“There are so many ways to get involved. We wish others knew about the breadth of involvement that United Way has in our community.” Todd explained. In his position at Deloitte, Todd frequently talks with co-workers and new employees about opportunities to get involved with United Way.

Todd and Margaret appreciate the opportunity to volunteer as a family and teach their children about giving back. One of their most memorable experiences with United Way was volunteering in a North Side assisted living facility. They recall enjoying the warmth and energy of the residents while playing bingo, listening to music and painting. “It brightened our day to spend time with them, too.” Margaret said.

The Izzos also volunteer on United Way committees. Todd is excited to have a say in where funds are spent on the Emergency and Disaster Relief Fund Committee, while Margaret loves creating volunteer opportunities and events on the Tocqueville Volunteer Committee. Her time on the committee has shaped her understanding of United Way’s work.

“So often you attend a dinner and make a donation, but you don’t really understand the importance of the work,” Margaret said. “With so many hands-on opportunities, I’ve seen the impact; I’m engaged in the work and because of that I will stay involved.”

To those considering getting involved with United Way or Tocqueville Society, the Izzos encourage volunteering at different events to discover if it’s the right fit for you. For Todd and Margaret, the Tocqueville Society is where they know they belong.

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