Giving Time: A Great Way to Give Back

Candyce Fly Lee was already a United Way supporter when she moved to Pittsburgh in 2011. “I always look for efficiency and impact. I’m wired that way,” says Candyce, Engineering & Construction Director of Projects at Williams Company. “United Way spends time and energy figuring out the real needs of the community. I can put my money in one place and help to solve a range of real problems.”

For Candyce, giving time is an important part of giving back. She chairs the United Way Workplace Giving Campaign at Williams, and she has focused the campaign on volunteering. Every month from May to September, her team has planned a different United Way-sponsored event to give volunteers a hands-on connection to the many ways United Way helps those in need.

Candyce understands that volunteer opportunities create community. She likes to bring friends and co-workers to Women’s Leadership Council events so they can experience the group’s uplifting energy. “We’re part of something bigger than ourselves, and we have a great time,” she says.

You can participate in a wide range of volunteer activities available through United Way’s Volunteer Center. To view and sign up for one-time, seasonal and ongoing opportunities, go to or contact PA 2-1-1 Southwest by phone, text or chat. To learn more about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, contact Lynne Popash in Allegheny County, at, or Alyssa Cholodofsky in Westmoreland County, at