It’s all about the students

“As mentors, we let kids know that every decision has consequences. They are preparing for tomorrow and the next day and their future.”

Dwayne Barker is a full-time parent, part-time employee at the Pittsburgh Project and full-time member of the Parent Community Volunteer Network (PCVN) at Pittsburgh King.

When Dwayne’s son was in third grade at Pittsburgh King nearly five years ago, he and several other parents wanted to help the school and students create a stronger, more collaborative environment. That’s when they created the PCVN, a group of volunteers who support the school’s staff and students through volunteer work.

When the PCVN heard United Way’s Be a Middle School Mentor was looking for volunteer mentors, they immediately raised their hands. They saw great value in providing strong role models for local students and felt the opportunity aligned with the PCVN’s goals. What started as a couple of volunteers mentoring at Pittsburgh King, has now expanded into several other local schools.

“We have a phenomenal group of mentors. But we were told more schools needed mentors, so we jumped in to help,” Dwayne said.

Dwayne mentors at Pittsburgh King and Pittsburgh Morrow. His son also goes to mentoring, and Dwayne enjoys seeing the positive impact his mentor is making.

“My son has a mentor. He gave some great wisdom and advice to my son, which I appreciate,” Dwayne said.

Mentoring offers yet another great way for the PCVN to give back to the community and its students, “and it’s always all about the students,” said Dwayne.

Learn more about Be a Middle School Mentor or become a mentor, here.

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