Jen Haefeli and JJ Matthews


Sharing a commitment to community with their children and beyond.

Jen, JJ, and their children believe in staying connected to the community. Jen is an InterArtist, owns her own business, and works in multiple studio mediums, performance art, and dance. JJ is the Chief Financial Officer for Shared Services and Supply Chain Management at PNC Bank. Together, they joined Tocqueville in 2017 but have been United Way donors for over ten years.

“We’ve always tried to be community-minded. Currently, one of our kids has fallen in love with the high school theater program, so we spend a decent amount of time helping in any way we can. I am also on the Loyola University Maryland Board of Trustees, which is where I went to school,” says JJ.

Jen uses her talents to support others. “My wife has a heart of gold, and she is very thoughtful and considerate about what we can do to support the community. She provides the right guidance and messages to our kids. She recently donated a piece of art to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation for their fundraiser,” says JJ. Jen also serves on the Board of Harvest 107, which partners with organizations and farmers in communities throughout Haiti facing food insecurity by providing sustainable gardening options and education incentives.

As Tocqueville members, Jen and JJ love the ability to engage in the community. “United Way has provided different hands-on and educational opportunities for kids and their parents/family members to be involved in together, which is great. Recently, we volunteered at the women’s shelter with our son. He interacted with those who he’s impacting through service. It had a pretty profound impact on him,” says Jen.

JJ feels that his philanthropic mindset stems from his upbringing. “I would say my life experiences helped shape me. In college I participated in a number of different service projects. They really opened my eyes to the inequities that exist not only in the United States but throughout the world. Those experiences have stayed with me and help to keep me grounded,” he says. As a family both Jen and JJ continue to volunteer through United Way. They encourage others to do the same and to include the kids.