Kids who read early, succeed early

Are you aware that many children in our community lack books, reading time, and rich conversations to help them prepare for success in kindergarten and first grade? Children who start behind, will likely stay behind. What if you could help children have more of these valuable early childhood learning experiences? Good news, you can.

Picture this: joy floods a child’s face while holding a book on the lap of a caring adult. Captivated and enthralled, listening to the words, studying the pictures, imagining themselves in the story – this creates more than a happy image. In these moments, children’s minds are opened, and vocabulary and essential language skills flourish. It is a scene we all love, and one we can help facilitate for all children.

United Way of Southwestern PA invests mightily in children’s learning through its manifold of early literacy initiatives: recruiting volunteer early grade readers; enrolling children in early childhood education; and through the 100,000 Books campaign, distributing high-quality children’s books to caring adults to ignite the joy of reading in young children.

Together, we can give all of our children a love of books and learning.