Joe Yezovich

Leaving the community in a better place for my kids

Joe Yezovich is a Financial Advisor with Hefren-Tillotson. He is from North Braddock and currently resides in Irwin with his wife and two children.

What have you enjoyed during your time at Hefren-Tillotson?

A lot of my time is spent helping people transition through major life changes such as retirement, losing a loved one, or the birth of a child. I help them make smart financial decisions along the way. It is very rewarding to put together a game plan and help people gain peace of mind when it comes to their investments and financial planning.

What are some things you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my wife Maria, son Rocco and daughter Lucia. I am from a family of twelve and Maria a family of ten, so we always seem to have some kind of family event going on. We enjoy trips to local parks, Sunday dinners at my parents, and pickleball tournaments with my in-laws. Every-so-often we get away to Seven Springs. I enjoy staying physically active at the gym, playing drums in my family cover band, Walkin’ Rosie, and riding the country roads on my Harley.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

When we leave town, I enjoy family beach trips to the Carolinas, the Nashville music scene and Kentucky bourbon trail tastings and tours.

What is something people might not know about you?

Most people are surprised to find out I am the 7th in a family of twelve kids. I played football at Woodland Hills and Saint Vincent College and had the privilege of playing with many great athletes who went on to play in the NFL.

What is your favorite book or TV show?

I love any historical fiction or documentary. I enjoy learning about the past and getting a glimpse of life during different time periods. I have always been interested in war history; I am in awe of the sacrifices our veterans have made.

Why do you volunteer with United Way?

Hefren-Tillotson’s culture has always encouraged philanthropy and giving back to the community. Through volunteering opportunities, I have had many great experiences and have seen firsthand the positive impact United Way has on our communities. In addition to volunteer events, there are unique professional networking and personal development opportunities that I enjoy.

What is your favorite United Way memory?

Hefren-Tillotson’s Greensburg office participated in Day of Caring last year. We supported United Way’s Open Your Heart to a Senior initiative and cleaned the yard and painted the front porch of a senior’s home. It felt great to lose the suit & tie and put my hands to work. Our beneficiary was so appreciative! I am also a member of United Way’s Bridges Society in Westmoreland County. The new member reception event at IronRock Taphouse was a great time. I met other leaders from the region who dedicate their time and effort to United Way.

Why do you think it’s so important to give back to your community?

Giving back to the place you call home unites the community and tends to have a domino effect. Others tend to follow and contribute. I am sure many of you have heard your parents say they want you to “be more successful and live a better life than they did.” I think the same holds true for your community – I want to leave my community in better shape for my kids than it was for me.