Sherri Grasak

Resident Managing Director at Aon Risk Solutions

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Sherri Grasak

Leveraging life’s lessons as a community leader

“United Way helps people at their point of need.”

Sherri Grasak fondly remembers her grade school basketball coach as one of the most influential people in her early life. “He taught us the importance of a good work ethic, discipline, and teamwork,” she shared. She credits his mentorship, along with support from her family, for her life-long passion for giving back.

Because of this desire to do good in her community, Sherri was excited to give to her company’s United Way workplace campaign at her first professional job more than 20 years ago. Eventually, she and her husband, Colin, began looking for more ways to give back and set a positive example for their family. They decided to take their support of United Way one step further by joining the Tocqueville Society.

“We believe it’s important to be leaders and set an example in the community,” she shared.

Sherri knows she is making a tangible difference in the community through her contributions and involvement with the Tocqueville Society. “United Way is a catalyst in philanthropy and serving the needs of our community. As a Tocqueville member, you become a champion for United Way,” Sherri explained.

Through the Tocqueville Society, members enjoy tremendous networking, volunteering, and community-building experiences that make a tangible impact and effect positive change for people in need. Using the network and resources she’s built by being a Tocqueville member, Sherri is looking forward to working with her colleagues to provide meals to the residents at the Women’s Shelter. “As a volunteer activity through our workplace campaign, we’ll prepare the food, deliver it to the shelter, and share it with the residents – making a direct impact by helping our fellow community members.”

Sherri encourages others who are able to contribute to consider volunteering their time and giving back to the community. “There’s a tremendous amount of misfortune in our community, and we should all take responsibility to succor each other,” she shared.

To learn about how you can get involved with United Way’s Tocqueville Society, visit