Dai Ferguson


Accounts Payable Specialist, Finance Department

Since April 2021, Dai Ferguson has been the expert on all things accounting at United Way.

As Accounts Payable Specialist, Dai performs weekly vendor payments, communicates with partners to maintain up-to-date payment information, creates instructions for accounting processes and much more. A typical day could include all of these responsibilities plus any accounting tasks that come up. Whatever happens, she’s ready for it.

Dai enjoys working at United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania because she believes strongly in its mission. She also likes how friendly her coworkers are and their willingness to always lend a helping hand.

There have been many fun moments during her time at United Way but Dai’s favorite moment was the team trip to Camp Guyasuta for their 2022 Internal Campaign. It was great to spend a day celebrating the accomplishments of her coworkers and all of the work they’d done.

Dai carries her love of helping others into her personal life. When she’s not working, you’ll often find the Mount Lebanon resident volunteering at her church, spending time with her family and listening to music.

We appreciate all your hard work, Dai! Thank you for all you do.