Kathleen’s Story

New Paths and Possibilities

After finding herself in a tough situation, dealing with personal health issues and needing a new job, Kathleen was grateful to meet Tom Armstrong at a job fair. Tom is the career transition professional at the University of Pittsburgh who helps people with disabilities find competitive employment at the University. United Way’s Career Transition Project places professionals into local workplaces to help more people with disabilities find integrated workplace opportunities that might not be available otherwise.

Kathleen started working in the office of administration with the senior vice chancellor in the office of the dean of medicine; assisting with administrative responsibilities for the health science departments. There, she is learning new skills and finding she is still able to apply skills she learned from her job as a professional organizer.

“I feel like everyone at Pitt is looking out for me,” Kathleen said. “I can’t say enough good things about this program.”

While Kathleen’s current position is temporary, everyone at Pitt is jumping in to help her find a full-time position, so she can continue her great work at the University.

“My supervisor and Tom have been very supportive and have been recommending me to various positions,” Kathleen said. “I’m excited for the possibility of being able to continue working here at Pitt and see where that will take me.”

To learn more about United Way’s Career Transition Project, please call Megan Grabski at 412-456-6826.