Hannah Samlall

Next Gen Ambassador Q&A with Hannah Samlall

Hannah Samlall aka ‘Han,’ to her friends and family, wears many hats.

A Virginia Tech graduate, typography nerd, digital marketer turned website designer, freelance writer for a lifestyle magazine and Co-Founder of Waterloo Street, a web design agency that works with creative entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses …

Hannah somehow finds enough time in the day to also run the Biz Collective, a directory of women-owned businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh area, with her sister and business partner, Rachel.

Dedicated to hyping up other women-owned businesses, Hannah has built her career on passion (and cold brew). Learn more about Hannah and how she got involved with United Way’s Next Gen Ambassador program.

What made you choose United Way as a philanthropic cause you want to support?

I learned about United Way from a friend. She volunteers on United Way’s social media committee and loves I love that when you get involved with United Way, you’re able to give back directly to your own community. I chose to get involved after seeing first-hand the amazing initiatives United Way has established in order to help local communities in need of resources and assistance. I stay involved because I truly believe United Way is positioned to make the greatest impact and help the people who need it the most.

As a Next Gen Ambassador, you are required to volunteer, please tell us a little bit about your volunteer experiences.

I have always loved volunteering in the community. Growing up, I volunteered as an instructor for cheerleading camps for young girls. I continued volunteering throughout college by helping out at animal shelters and walking dogs in my spare time. Since moving to Pittsburgh, I’ve been thrilled to volunteer at United Way events like Build-A-Bike. I also recently became a mentor for Strong Women, Strong Girls. Volunteering your time and uplifting others is a meaningful way to contribute, especially when you’re just getting started in your career.

Thank you, Hannah, for your dedication and passion for United Way and your community!