Amber Nay’s Story

Opening up to life’s possibilities

Amber’Nay has always been a good student. She participated in many different activities during middle school at Pittsburgh Allegheny Traditional Academy but her favorite was United Way’s Be A Middle School Mentor program, where she was matched with Arita for three years. “I’m actually really shy,” she says. “I was nervous at first, but Miss Arita was so friendly, she opened up that side of me.”

Arita was one of Amber’Nay’s biggest supporters when, as a rising seventh grader, she decided to go for FAME’s intensive high school prep program. It was worth the effort. When she completed the program at the end of eighth grade, Amber’Nay aced the entrance exam for Winchester Thurston School, where she is currently in tenth grade on a scholarship.

Amber’ Nay has even more big dreams. She looks forward to digging for dinosaurs after she obtains a Ph.D. in Vertebrate Paleontology. She also wants to follow Arita’s example. “Miss Arita is a role model for me.” The time she spent with Arita made a big difference to Amber’Nay. “Miss Arita didn’t have to be there for me. That’s a big boost for me. The mentoring program was one of the best things I ever did.”