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Rachel’s Story

Rachel keeps her home and her hope

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals in this story.

My name is Rachel and I’m 62 years old and never imagined how quickly life could change. Last spring I lost my job because I’d been out sick quite a bit. After I lost the job, I quickly depleted my savings. As I regained my health, I was able to work part-time, but I earned less per month than I owed in rent. I found myself facing eviction. I was in shock. I reached out to Allegheny Link who put me in touch with PA 2-1-1 Southwest—a 24-hour helpline. A 2-1-1 supervisor immediately reached out to an organization that provides monetary assistance to women like me, who are at risk of being homeless for the first time. I received help with my rent and a United Way partner also stepped in and talked with my landlord enabling me to stay. It took just one week after I called 2-1-1, to find out that my back rent had been paid and I could stay in my home. I’ll be more financially secure soon with my social security, but if it hadn’t been for United for Women, I would have been in a very bad place. I can’t think about how hard it would have been to bounce back from homelessness at my age. 2-1-1 and United for Women literally saved me from hitting bottom.

United Way’s PA 2-1-1 Southwest helps women like Rachel get back on their feet. United for Women funds a program that helps women avoid homelessness. To learn more about United for Women visit