Showing a middle schooler you care can make all the difference

I believe in the potential for success of public school students, despite the various challenges they face. Do you? If motivating students to graduate high school and pursue successful careers sounds like an important effort, I have good news for you. Right here in our community, there is a proven program that helps students learn about real jobs and careers, set goals, and understand the importance of school success to achieving their dreams.

This year, more than 400 middle school students in Pittsburgh Public Schools will have a weekly mentoring session with a volunteer mentor through United Way’s Be a Middle School Mentor Program. Taking place at each child’s school, conversations between mentor and mentee provide students with the opportunity to think about their futures and receive guidance from a caring adult.

Highly praised by parents, teachers, and administrators, Be a Middle School Mentor significantly improves attendance, grades, and standardized test scores among participating students, and gives children hope for the future by helping them develop long-term plans.

United Way’s Be a Middle School Mentor volunteers inspire students to persevere through the challenges they will face in high school, when dropout rates increase. We invite you to join the community of people working to help Pittsburgh children achieve upward mobility. You can:

  1. Be a mentor. Sign up today!
  2. Financially support the program. Donate here.
  3. Spread the word! Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.