Jayme and Joseph Butcher

Showing compassion for the community with United Way

“United Way offers a tremendous amount of opportunities to get involved with the community, both as a donor and a participant.” — Joseph Butcher

After graduating law school in Ohio, Jayme and Joseph Butcher chose to make Pittsburgh their home, where they discovered a passion for giving back to their community together.

“We are so fortunate to live in a community where philanthropy is so highly valued by both individuals and corporations, and where we have the opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals through United Way,” Jayme commented.

Joseph first learned about United Way’s work through a presentation at his workplace, showing the impact United Way and its partners have on local children and youth. Having a passion for helping kids, he was inspired and began contributing.

Jayme’s participation with United Way began through the Women’s Leadership Council (WLC). “What an amazing group of women! Seeing the powerhouse women involved in the Council, and the sheer magnitude of the force of what happens when women come together to help other women – I was hooked,” Jayme said.

Together, the couple has been making a difference in their community with United Way for more than 15 years. Since joining United Way’s Tocqueville Society in 2013, they have been able to make an even bigger impact. “United Way is proactive and cares about our community and makes sure that the most vulnerable members of our community are cared for,” Jayme said.

Being part of the Tocqueville Society not only allows the couple to make a difference and network with like-minded professionals and philanthropists, it also opens doors to exciting opportunities and events.

“Tocqueville is a great way to be a part of the Pittsburgh community, as a donor and participant. There are many enriching experiences that the Society provides, including the opportunities to network with other contributors and learn about business and community affairs,” Joe said.

To learn more about United Way’s Tocqueville Society or other ways to get involved, visit https://uwswpa.org/tocqueville-society/.