Tony Foster

IT Manager for Application Engineering at Eaton Corporation

Tony Foster leads a team of technical solution design experts from a variety of application backgrounds in improving Eaton’s internal application landscape. His team’s work gets him exposed to experts, businesses, and systems across the world, which means that every day he gets to see or do something new, like augmented reality, smart contracts, and machine learning. Tony’s passionate about using these technologies to improve the safety and efficiency of Eaton’s global workforce. He also cares about making a difference so he invests his time in employee diversity engagement groups, and is active in United Way’s Bridges Society. Through United Way, Tony has been able to meet people like him who care about helping people in need. 

Are you a lifelong Pittsburgher? If so, what keeps you here? If not, what brought you to Pittsburgh? 

I grew up in Cleveland. What attracted me to Pittsburgh was my work, and as soon as I saw the city I was hooked. I’ve lived in Moon, North Side, and Wilkinsburg and have loved every bit of it. 

How does Pittsburgh inspire and inform your work? 

To me, Pittsburgh is an awesome amalgamation of all types of professions living together and working to build a better future. 

What’s the biggest challenge you’ll tackle this week? 

My biggest challenge this week will be balancing my time with work and home. Including a busy trip to Cleveland for work, I’m also working with my partner, Joey, on acquiring a condemned property next door to our home. We are excited to remove this dangerous blight from our community and turn it into a large garden and project space. 

What excites you the most about your work? 

I work in Information Technology for Eaton, a major manufacturer, and am excited by problem solving across systems. I enjoy the challenges of system optimization, process improvement, and learning. Thankfully, my company never fails to present me with a plethora of opportunities. 

It’s time to unwind. Where do you head? 

Aside from heading home to play with my energetic Anatolian Shephard, my favorite watering hole is the Monterey Pub in the Mexican War Streets. It’s a great Irish pub with a wonderful staff and a very friendly community.  

What’s the one Pittsburgh event you can’t wait to attend? 

ReelQ, the Pittsburgh LGBT Film Festival in October. I’involved in my company’s local Pride group and I’ve learned more about what our community offers and how to be a supporter. 

Why is giving back important to you? 

I feel it is my civic duty to help neighbors when they need it. 

Why United Way? How has your Bridges Society membership helped you, personally and professionally? 

Bridges has connected me with people whose passion and vigor inspire me to do more. United Way never fails to find energetic young professionals who want to better their communities. 

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