United together to fight hunger in Butler County

“We’re a group of likeminded women who are investing back in our community for a better future.”

Julie Anderson is fortunate to live and work in the Butler community where she was born and raised. Now, as an adult and successful professional, she wants to work toward a common goal and help better the community.

“I was invited to attend a United Way Women’s Leadership Council meeting seven years ago by another member. Immediately, it was very clear to me that this was a dynamic group of women who were not only successful in their careers but also deeply devoted to their community,” Julie reflected. “And their commitment to hands-on service, in addition to financial support, through the WLC was inspiring.”

After this meeting, Julie was hooked. She signed up for WLC and immediately saw the impact she could make, the networking opportunities that were available, and the meaningful services she could assist with.

Now, Julie serves as a co-chair for the WLC in Butler County, where they have chosen to focus on providing resources to food for families—a need prevalent amongst both women and children. By partnering with a United Way agency, the Victim Outreach and Intervention Center (VOICe), Julie and her co-members have hosted food drives and collected donations and feel like they’re making an impact in their local community.

“With our help addressing hunger and food insecurities, women in our community are able to focus on other issues and not worry about putting food on the table,” Julie shared. “We’re also helping to supplement for children’s food programs for when school is not in session, so kids can still have access to nutritious meals and develop healthy habits all year round.”

Julie encourages other women to consider getting involved with the WLC because together, with United Way, this group of women is making a big impact. “The best thing about being involved with the WLC is that the local United Way offices can easily identify the needs in the community, and we can work together, quickly and efficiently, to support those in need,” Julie said.

To learn more about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, contact Amy Franz at Amy.Franz@unitedwayswpa.org in Butler County, Lynne Popash at Lynne.Popash@unitedwayswpa.org in Allegheny County, or Alyssa Cholodofsky at Alyssa.Cholodofsky@unitedwayswpa.org in Westmoreland County.