Jerry MacCleary

United Way Ensures that your Gift Goes where it’s Needed Most

“No one has a better pulse on the needs of this community than United Way.  If you’re in a position to contribute financially, Tocqueville Society membership is an opportunity to step up your giving and make a real difference.”

Jerry MacCleary, President of Covestro LLC for North America, is passionate about his hometown.  Pittsburgh’s economy was reborn, he says, because it has “an engaged community that is actively pushing for change.  I like being part of this greater push, and as a business leader, I feel it’s important to give back and use my voice for positive change.”  He’s supported United Way since early in his career.  “This is an organization that knows how to bring the community together to address the issues in our own backyard,” he says.

Jerry is a long-time Tocqueville Society member, and currently serves on United Way’s Board of Directors.  He’s continually inspired by the people whose lives have been changed by United Way-funded programs.  He recalls a young man who struggled to find work because of his disability, until he received employment assistance through a project of United Way’s 21 and Able initiative.  “Most people complain about their jobs.  He can’t stop smiling.”

Giving to United Way makes practical sense, too. “A charitable investment is not all that different from a business investment, in the sense that you want to maximize your ROI,” Jerry says.  “United Way maximizes the value of every donation.  Every gift counts.  If we all work together, we can improve people’s lives.”