Weekly Volunteer Joy

Melissa Burns is a teacher with a cyber school. So when she logs off at the end of the day, she’s happy to spend some time with a senior who could use some help to be able to live independently.

“I pick up Mary Anne every Tuesday at 3:30,” Melissa explained. “We go to the Giant Eagle with her shopping list and whatever coupons we’ve both clipped during the week.”

Melissa signed up for Open Your Heart to a Senior after seeing an ad in a local magazine, went to training and started driving a few seniors to the store. That evolved into a caring relationship and friendship, and now Melissa helps out Mary Anne on a weekly basis.

“We shop together and talk about whatever is going on,” Melissa said. “I really enjoy it, especially Mary Anne’s company.”

Through their friendship, both Mary Anne and Melissa are helping each other and learning from one another. “Mary Anne likes to cook,” Melissa added, “I’ve learned so much and have gotten some great recipes.”

Though busy with her job and planning a wedding, Melissa wouldn’t give up her time with Mary Anne. Their long discussions during trips to the grocery store is something Melissa looks forward to. “It’s one of the highlights of my week.”

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