When organizations give back, everyone wins

When her employer, Covestro (then Bayer), asked Christine Bryant to organize its annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser for United Way, she rose to the challenge. She had no idea how it would open her eyes to the importance of corporate volunteerism.

In preparation for the fundraiser, Christine talked with United Way staff to learn about the work and how contributions from the event would benefit people in her community. It was then that Christine began to see the depth of United Way’s work. In 2015, Christine joined the Women’s Leadership Council and found how easy it is to make a difference with United Way.

“I was impressed by the diversity of programs, saw the impact and realized how many people are being helped,” she said.

Christine credits United Way for examining needs and assembling the people and resources to address pressing issues, stating that there are many other ways to get involved besides financial contributions. With WLC, Christine has volunteered in women’s shelters, read to children to promote literacy and supported programs that help veterans transition back to civilian life.

After experiencing the benefits of giving back, she encourages Covestro employees and all local organizations to get involved and help make the community stronger. Christine believes that when the leadership of an organization encourages volunteerism, it promotes a healthy working environment and gives employees confidence to ask for time to support causes they care about.

“Those of us who are fortunate should give what we can, but there are so many ways to give back. You can donate money, but you can also give your time and passion,” she said. “I promise you will always get more than you give.”

To learn more about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, contact Lynne Popash in Allegheny County, at, or Alyssa Cholodofsky in Westmoreland County, at