Williams employees making a difference in the lives of local kids

“I’m proud to see Williams partnering with United Way to lend a helping hand to kids.”

Looking back on his childhood, James has fond memories of his Granny teaching him to ride his dad’s old “banana bike.” He remembers riding that bike for a long time and cherishes that time he spent with his Granny.

“I was lucky enough to have my Granny who wanted to teach me how to ride a bike. Not all kids have that – maybe their parents are too busy working or the kids don’t have a bike themselves,” James said.

Because of these memories and his love of helping his community, James and his co-workers at Williams have volunteered at United Way’s Build-a-Bike for the past several years and plan to volunteer again this year.

Knowing United Way’s Build-a-Bike not only sends kids home with a bike, James, his colleagues and other volunteers also help encourage youth to lead a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical activity and providing a positive experience with others in the community.

“Every year, Build-a-Bike just gets better and better. For a lot of the kids, they tell us this is their first bike, and they’re just so excited to be there working alongside us,” James explained.

This year, thanks to Williams’ partnership with United Way to sponsor the Build-a-Bike program, more volunteers are able to participate because there is no cost to sign-up a team. James is pleased Williams has made such a great commitment to United Way in support of local kids.

“I’m really happy Williams is able to partner with United Way on this event. We always have such a good time working alongside one another and seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces,” James said. “It makes me proud to work for Williams, who believes in supporting the communities where its employees live and work.”

James encourages others to consider signing up as a volunteer at this year’s Build-a-Bike. “By volunteering at this event, you can see the impact you’re making on local kids first-hand. There’s nothing more rewarding,” he said.