Working to prevent domestic violence by Coaching Boys Into Men

You have women in your life for whom you would do anything.  Don’t you? If you could reduce the chances of them being disrespected or abused, wouldn’t you? You probably know a girl or woman who has endured verbal, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Right?

United Way’s Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) program is proven to positively impact high-school boys’ respectful behavior and decrease their bystander behavior (witnessing disrespect and saying nothing). Due to the close relationships of high school coaches and their athletes, coaches are in a unique position to impact the development of boys. Through CBIM, coaches are trained to engage athletes in weekly team discussions about topics such as appropriate language and disrespectful behaviors toward women and girls. These conversations inspire athletes to build healthy relationships with girls and women, and lead their friends to do so, as well.

United Way of Southwestern PA is leading the largest implementation of CBIM in the country. Join the growing community supporting these efforts, and together we can help prevent the lifetime of pain for young girls that results from abuse.