You can support local hard-working people this tax season

Given the cost of rent, utilities, food, transportation, and other basic needs, how do people survive on $14,000 annual income – or less? It seems impossible, doesn’t it? It would be ever more challenging with one or two children, wouldn’t it?

Yet, there are families in our community working to provide for their children on such minimal incomes. Did you know you could help?

Last year, 457 trained volunteers dedicated more than 22,000 hours of tax assistance through United Way’s local Free Tax Preparation Campaign. Volunteers help wage-earners, many having multiple W-2s, work through the overwhelming labyrinth of instructions and forms, complete their tax return, and secure earned income tax credits, all at no cost to the workers.

Last year these United Way volunteers completed more than 10,000 tax returns, bringing millions back to local workers and their families – dollars they had earned, and could use for daily necessities. This additional household spending spurs economic activity that would otherwise be missing.

What a great community endeavor! Were you aware of these efforts to encourage and reward work? Here are three ways you can support families in need via United Way’s Free Tax Prep Campaign:

  1. Volunteer! No prior tax experience is required. Visit
  2. Support Visit to donate.
  3. Spread the word! Find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use #FreeTaxPrep.

Together we can help wage-earners provide for themselves and their children. Take action today.