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A Fresh Start for a Family

“211 helped us keep our family together after we were evicted.”

The pandemic has left many families in a state of instability, but finding affordable housing has always been a struggle for me and my husband. We were both employed, but then I lost my job during the pandemic. Shortly after, we were evicted from our subsidized apartment because our family exceeded the allowable number of occupants. I had no idea where to turn, so I took three of my children to a homeless shelter, and my husband took our other two children to a relative’s house and continued to search for affordable housing. I was delighted when he found an affordable option, but the $600 deposit was beyond our means at the time. With only five days to raise the money and no other options, I decided to call PA 211 Southwest for help. I’m so glad I did. The Resource Navigator gave me three general housing referrals and sent my information to a partner agency that provides short-term financial assistance to help women with young children avoid homelessness. A few days later, my request for $600 was approved, and we were able to complete the paperwork with our new landlord. It’s because of 211 and United Way that my family is together again, and for that, I’m eternally grateful! They gave my family a fresh start.