Four Ways Workplace Giving Campaigns Build Community Inside a Company and Out

By Kate McGlynn, Associate Director of Administration and Special Projects, University of Pittsburgh Division of Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement

With a career in community and corporate program administration spanning more than a decade, I have seen firsthand the importance of forming strong relationships in the workplace. Going to work every day, we all aspire to an environment that is filled with support, camaraderie and encouragement. It has always been a priority of mine to help build such an atmosphere. So, as someone who has also actively been involved with volunteerism, when I discovered the opportunity to participate in United Way’s Workplace Giving Campaign, I was thrilled to marry two of my life’s passions.

Posted by Kate McGlynnKate McGlynn on September 18, 2019

Tales from United Way’s Be a Middle School Mentor: I Became the Mentor I Needed When I was Younger

By Tiffini Simoneaux, Early Childhood Manager, Office of Equity at the Office of Mayor William Peduto

Imagine where you might be right now if you had a mentor during your most sensitive, formative years? How might your life be different? What dreams might you have pursued?

By middle school, all kids have distinct interests, ideas or goals they set their sights on, but not every child has the support system to help them realize these aspirations. As a child overflowing with creative ideas, I was often confused and in desperate need of direction – needless to say, I could have used a mentor all throughout middle school.

Posted by Tiffini SimoneauxTiffini Simoneaux on August 22, 2019

Assuming the Role of a Lifetime: Why I’m Honored to be United Way’s New CEO

I am very honored to take on the role of President & CEO of United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania because I believe so deeply in the mission of our organization. I have been privileged to be a part of the organization’s senior management team and because of this experience, I understand the challenges and can provide the leadership necessary to build upon current successes. I am eager, driven and excited to continue my life’s work in the non-profit human services sector and motivated to implement more innovative programs that address the human service challenges in our region.

Posted by Bobbi Watt GeerBobbi Watt Geer on July 26, 2019

Be a Middle School Mentor, United Way's 2-1-1

Together, we can heal

In the last few weeks, we have seen Pittsburgh neighbors from every part of our great city take on the role of givers after the terrible events at the Tree of Life Synagogue. I am so incredibly proud to live in a city where people come together in such tremendous ways. The financial support collected for the victims will make a difference for the families impacted and is greatly appreciated.


Posted by Bob NelkinBob Nelkin on November 16, 2018

United for Women

Creating a brighter future for the women we love

I’m sure just about everyone knows a woman who has encountered financial struggles due to an unexpected set-back. You know the life events we’re talking about: job loss, extraordinary health care expenses, caregiving responsibilities, separation, divorce, domestic violence – you could probably add to this list. If you could join others helping women in these tough situations, would you?

Posted by Bob NelkinBob Nelkin on March 1, 2018

Be a Middle School Mentor

Showing a middle schooler you care can make all the difference

I believe in the potential for success of public school students, despite the various challenges they face. Do you? If motivating students to graduate high school and pursue successful careers sounds like an important effort, I have good news for you. Right here in our community, there is a proven program that helps students learn about real jobs and careers, set goals, and understand the importance of school success to achieving their dreams. (…)