Running a Campaign?

Access Employee Campaign Manager resources, information on how to run a successful workplace campaign and United Way materials to educate your employees.

Interested in running a campaign?

Every year, thousands of employees across Southwestern PA get involved in workplace giving campaigns. A workplace campaign is an organized, company-sponsored fundraising drive where employees are asked to contribute to United Way to help local people in need measurably improve their lives. There are many benefits to running a workplace campaign, including:

  • Ensuring that local people in need get access to help and support that can improve their lives. When our community is stronger, we all benefit.
  • Educating employees and organizations about community issues and allowing them to make informed decisions about how they can make a difference.
  • Making it easy for employees to give. Either through payroll deduction or credit card, donors can choose what options is best for them. A gift can be made over the course of a year or in one lump sum, depending on the donor’s preference.
  • Maximizing the impact of giving. Donors can support United Way’s impact fund, they can allocate their gift to one of our specific impact areas or they can support a specific initiative that is close to their heart.

Start your own workplace campaign to improve educational outcomes for local children, increase financial stability for families who are struggling in our community, and enable greater independence and opportunity for seniors and people with disabilities. For more information, contact