Uniting Women to Create a Brighter Future

Last night United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council hosted Celebrate to Elevate, our annual event that brings us together to experience what it truly means to be a part of this incredible group. And it was filled to the brim with excitement and energy.  

We learned first-hand how United Way’s work benefits women and children, participating in hands-on activities like packing period products to help girls stay in school and women to show up to work with dignity, the Tough Choices simulation where we strategized how to run a household on an extremely tight budget and the Outcomes in Action activity where we sharpened our knowledge and uncovered the work that United Way does to help women and children in our region.  

We had the opportunity to network, indulge in food stations, bid on raffle baskets, record video testimonials, laugh in the photo booth and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  

And that exciting announcement: thanks to your participation in our recent member survey, we heard you. You told us that you deeply value the connection, the networking and the sisterhood. And that you want us to be as welcoming as possible. You told us that we must be a big tent, open to women across all dimensions of diversity, from age, gender expression, race, ability, and stage in career and life. You want us to be crystal clear that we are working with United Way to support women and children. You told us that this group unites women—wherever they may be in life—to connect, find their passion and make an impact. We deserve a name that fully captures that impact.  

So, effective immediately, Women’s Leadership Council is now known as Women United 

A name that fully captures us.  

Women United aligns with our goals around connection and equity. It conveys our collective power, our commitment, our energy. It tees up the potential we as women have when we come together. It connects us directly to United Way and its mission to improve lives, especially for women and children.  

Watch the video to learn more about Women United, who we are, why we do what we do and who benefits.  

This reimagining of our organization just enhances the greatest parts of it. Women United is here to help ensure that women and children have what they need to fulfill their potential.  

Women United connects, empowers, energizes and inspires. It invites us to uncover our passions, support one another and apply ourselves in as many ways as we can.  

Whether it’s at Celebrate to Elevate, one of our countless volunteer opportunities or a coffee date, Women United is constantly building connections between women in our community, encouraging them to form strong personal and professional bonds.  

United Way. Women United. We’re all working together towards the same goal. To build a better future.  

To learn more about Women United, please visit uwswpa.org/womenunited. 

Signed by,

Women United Team Signatures