Leon Hoffman


A Modest Upbringing Leads to a Lifelong Commitment to Giving Back.

Leon Hoffman is the Office Managing Partner at Ernst & Young LLP Pittsburgh and has been with the company for nearly twenty years. He leads a team of over 475 professionals and oversees the community involvement initiatives.

“I’m proud of the work we do in the communities we call home – we’re doing some incredible things to get the younger generation involved that would not be possible without the help of the United Way. We’re trying to shift the mindset that giving back means more than a donation – it’s about using your time and resources to help someone in need find hope that could positively impact that individual’s long-term life path.”.

Leon graduated from Duquesne University where he met his wife April.  They reside in Robinson Township along with their two children. Leon’s commitment to working hard and giving back started at a young age as a result of his upbringing.

Growing up in the city of Pittsburgh, Leon quickly learned the power of a supportive community. From an early age, his parents instilled the importance of family, lending a helping hand and having a strong work ethic – values that were mirrored throughout the community and are still a part of him today.     

“We didn’t have much in the way of physical possessions growing up, but our house was full of love.   I learned at a young age what it meant to work hard,” said Hoffman. “My community stepped up and helped me along the way, so now I’m grateful to be able to pay it forward.”