Amy and George Long

Building a stronger community across generations.

While juggling an active family of four children, Tocqueville members Amy and George Long still make time for philanthropy. Both are long-time contributors with their respective companies. Amy is the Director of Change Management and Strategic Workforce Planning with Duquense Light and George is Managing Chief Counsel with PNC Bank.


Amy was raised by a working mom who broke gender barriers in her own career. Amy’s mom inspired a strong work ethic and the confidence that she could become anything. George was the first in his family to go to college and has never forgotten the support that he received along the way. They both believe that hard work and perseverance can build a positive future – and they strive to instill this ethos in their kids. However, they also explain that it’s not always a level playing field.


“Our kids are maturing and notice the disparities, even in their school lunchroom. Our daughter decided to tackle food insecurity in her own way. She began to make lunchtime more social and brought snacks to school which built relationships and hopefully helped people,” says Amy. “We have helped the kids recognize moments where they can make a difference.”


While these moments are invaluable, Amy and George champion wide-spread involvement. “United Way works at a whole different level. They enable us to come together to do good. They’ve amassed a vast and powerful network that has a material impact. Without them, these issues are incredibly daunting to address on their own. The impact of the collective giving community transforms our region,” says George. “We hope that more people will join the cause during these challenging times.”