Suzanne Wilcox English

Building on Cornerstones of Faith, Education and Community

Suzanne Wilcox English is the Vice President for Strategic Development and Communications at Cathedral Corporation, where she is responsible for growing customer relationships. Originally from the Allegheny National Forest region, Suzanne’s career as a communications specialist led her to New York, Ohio, and later to southwestern PA. Today she is a resident of Greensburg and has four daughters and six grandchildren.

Suzanne’s life experiences have made her feel very connected to United Way and Women’s Leadership Council. “I’m a mother to four daughters. WLC is about women in leadership setting an example for younger women. We are demonstrating what it means to care for and engage wider communities.”

She has been part of corporate campaigns for many years and decided to join WLC in 2016 after a moving WLC event. “When I was at Saint Vincent College, a faculty member asked me to come to the networking breakfast. I was really moved by the impact of the Open Your Heart to a Senior program after I listened to one individual’s story. My mother had ALS later in life. She moved in with me in her final months and I was able to care for her. It was very emotional to think that someone would not have a family member to rely on like that. I know that United Way also works very hard to help seniors live independent lives, in their own homes. It was an easy decision to join WLC at that point.”

Suzanne enjoys the opportunity to grow relationships with like-minded women. “Particularly during the pandemic, I have been so proud of how WLC and United Way have stepped up to fill a tremendous need, through financial support and community responsiveness.”

Suzanne describes faith, education and community as the cornerstones to her life. She’s had the opportunity to work with colleges, universities, parishes, dioceses and churches of various traditions. Philanthropically, she has been a United Way Day of Caring volunteer, and also works with several other non-profits. She is the President of the Bethlehem Project and is the Housing Chair for NAACP (Greensburg-Jeannette Branch), both helping to prevent homelessness and disparity in housing. Suzanne has also been involved with Habitat for Humanity and over the years, has helped build 11 houses.

Suzanne understands how important even small acts of time or money can be. “I married young. While I always felt that God took care of us, we didn’t have much at times. I understand the struggle. We have a responsibility to be there for neighbors who aren’t as fortunate at this time.”

When Suzanne is not working and volunteering, she loves the outdoors. She accomplished the amazing feat of hiking 110 miles across Spain—a traditional pilgrimage called El Camino. She loves the outdoors and is excited to get back out into the community this summer to keep doing her part.

For more information or to join WLC, please contact Lynne Popash at in Allegheny County or Terri Dominick at in Westmoreland & Fayette County or Sherrie Dunlap Gallagher at in Butler & Armstrong County.