Dave Malone

If There wasn’t a United Way, We Would have to Create One

Dave Malone

Behind that easygoing smile, Dave Malone has the instincts and talents of a strategist and problem-solver. As President and CEO of Gateway Financial, Dave has a knack for assessing and meeting the needs of high-end clients with innovative products and solutions. That’s how he creates value in his business, and how he approaches philanthropy. That’s also why he’s so enthusiastic about United Way: “We’ve got to let the community know what we’re doing, and why. This is about making everyone’s lives better.”

Dave and his wife Nancy have always been United Way donors, but Dave became more actively involved with United Way when he realized that its far-reaching, strategic business model yields a great return on investment. “United Way puts the community’s money to work where it’s most needed, and invests only in providers that deliver.” Just as importantly, Dave appreciates United Way’s proactive emphasis on prevention. “Government just responds to problems after the fact. So does the social services system. But United Way is in a unique position; it pulls the community together to find solutions to problems at the root level.”

This hits home for Dave, whose passion is workforce development. Other CEOs constantly tell him that they have jobs they can’t fill. “We have a systemic disconnect between people who need workers and people who need work. The problems go deep, and United Way is attacking them at many levels, not just by helping individuals but by changing systems, too.” This captures Dave’s imagination. “If you live in the suburbs, you think that urban issues don’t affect you,” he says. “That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Our social issues have high economic costs that come back to all of us.”

Dave and Nancy, both North Hills natives, are very close to their three grown children, all still in Pittsburgh. Nancy’s yoga studio is a family affair, and one of Dave’s sons serves on United Way’s Millennial Engagement Committee. Dave’s optimistic about the upcoming generation of new donors. “The young are smart. They’re effective communicators. They’re generous, too, but giving to United Way does more than make you feel good for a little while. When people know what I know, they see how much we need United Way.”