Barb Veasy

Don’t Just Sit There

“I’ve retired twice and I didn’t like it,” says Barb Veasy, a vibrant, attractive businesswoman who, at 82, has seven paying part-time jobs and seven steady volunteer commitments. It’s not unusual for Barb to juggle as many as six engagements in a day.

Barb’s always had a can-do attitude. She raised five teenagers on her own while operating one of the two healthcare companies she founded during her 41-year career, and yet always found time to volunteer.  “You just do what needs to be done,” she says.

During the course of an active day, Barb says, “I see caregivers who are so burned out. Wouldn’t it be great if they could get some help?” Barb’s background in geriatric nursing makes her a natural fit for Open Your Heart to a Senior, a United Way initiative that links seniors who need a little extra help to stay safe and healthy in their homes with volunteers who provide transportation or other forms of non-medical assistance.

Barb has developed close on-going connections with several people she helps regularly. She’s more than a ride to them: she provides continuity, friendship and, sometimes, good advice   Although she realizes that her professional expertise is a plus, Barb thinks that all a good volunteer really needs is a generous heart and the willingness to give some time.

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