Five Tips for Creating Time to Care

Natalie Talpas is a  Senior Vice President, Group Manager, Digital at PNC. She has found a passion for making an impact in socially conscious issues in digital banking. In addition to her thriving career, Natalie is mom to two young boys, plays a key role on United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s Bridges Leadership Committee, and co-chaired United Way’s Games for Good event the past two years.

Natalie keeps a lot of balls in the air on a daily basis. However, one of her core values has never wavered – giving of herself to help her community. Here she shares the top five ways busy professionals can carve out precious time to serve their communities.

  1. Do good with your loved ones.

Natalie and her husband look for enriching opportunities that they  can do with one or both of their sons and make those a priority. We  support our local food bank, make care kits for the homeless that we keep in our car and hand out on our way to Pirates games, and we make time to check in our elderly neighbor. Whether it’s with your immediate family or a group of friends, doing good together gives you quality time with loved ones while helping people in need.

  1. Help others in your life find new outlets to get involved.

Whether it’s a friend, coworker, or young professional, talk to them about the many ways they can get involved to help the community. Even if I cannot commit time to all of the programs I’d like to support, I can still talk about them with the people in my life and be an advocate to help encourage new supporters.

  1. Remember you’re a role model.

I started volunteering at young age with my grandmother. We drove around together in the summers and delivered Meals on Wheels, creating wonderful memories. That experience with my grandmother inspired me to keep volunteering in high school, college and throughout my career. Step up to set the example for your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family.

  1. Create a supportive workplace environment.

It’s a fact that today’s young professionals care a great deal about the intangibles companies can offer – like being good community stewards. Create a supportive environment at work where employees are encouraged to volunteer, even during work hours. It starts at the top, so set the example for them yourself.

  1. Connect with causes close to your heart.

I focus my energy and efforts on two key causes: kids and seniors. I have a kindergartner who is learning to read, so programs that focus on early literacy are important to me. My grandmother passed away six years ago on April 1. I moved back to Pittsburgh to help my family care for her. Our goal was to keep her in her beloved home as long as we could. We were very close, so causes like United for Seniors allow me to help ensure that same support can be available to others like my grandmother.