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Lisa’s Story

“PA 2-1-1 Southwest helped me when I was homeless and felt like my world was crashing down.”

My name is Lisa, and I’m 29 years old. Last year, I agreed to be my sister’s live-in babysitter. At the time, it seemed like a good idea, since my sister needed help with her kids, and I’d recently lost my job and my apartment. However, tensions grew high, and I needed to get out there for the betterment of our relationship. I stayed with my mom for a few weeks but knew that was only temporary. After spending a few weeks at my mom’s, I had nowhere else to go. I was anxious, exhausted and couldn’t think straight. That’s when I decided to call PA 211 Southwest. The Resource Navigator was so helpful and referred me to an agency partner who coordinates resources and assistance for people at risk for homelessness across the county. She also gave me three referrals for mental health services, which helped with my ongoing stress. Two weeks later, I was safe at a local women’s shelter that provided me with basic necessities and other support. I even started working with a counselor at one of the referral agencies and began feeling better about my future. I’m so glad I contacted 211. It’s because of them I’m on the road to recovery and finding my self-worth! 

Thanks to the generous support of United Way donors, the Emergency Basic Needs Fund is helping people across the region with food, transportation, rent and utilities.