Making an impact on seniors, and so much more

“As I grew up, it became more and more important to me to give back.”

For Jackie Fajt, giving back was just something she and her family did. “It was always instilled in me that when we have the opportunity, we should give back. We were able to benefit from services at times when I was growing up, so we would reciprocate whenever we could,” Jackie explained.

When Jackie worked for a law firm at the beginning of her career, she was able to see her community from a different angle. She saw the issues people were facing and how important it was for them to have a hand up when needed. Now, as an employee at UPS, a business that has long supported United Way, Jackie is happy to have the opportunity to be involved with the organization and its Women’s Leadership Council in Westmoreland and Fayette Counties.

“When I first learned about the WLC, it seemed like a perfect fit for me, specifically because of our chapter’s focus on Open Your Heart to a Senior,” Jackie said. “I was very close to my grandparents growing up, and I know how important it was to them to remain living in their own home as they got older. Being able to help someone in my community to do that is very important to me.”

In addition to her passion for giving back to local seniors, Jackie also enjoys the ability to network with women leaders throughout the community. She’s co-chaired the Council’s Annual Women of Influence Breakfast for three consecutive years.

“It’s one of our major events throughout the year, and it’s an opportunity for not only members to get together, but for guests who might be inspired by the work,” Jackie remarked. “Being in a room full of women, looking at all of the influential people in our community is quite a sight.”

Jackie serves on the Women’s Leadership Council’s executive committee as well, where she has learned more about the ways women can make a huge impact when they work together for their community. In addition to her job at UPS, Jackie is an adjunct professor at Seton Hill University. She’s able to share these lessons with her students. “I talk to students about United Way and the WLC, helping them understand the importance of getting involved and knowing that there are organizations out there for them to give their talents,” Jackie said.

Jackie thinks even more woman should consider getting involved with United Way or the Women’s Leadership Council. “It’s just a great way for women to join together in our community and make a big difference,” Jackie said.

To learn more about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council in Westmoreland and Fayette Counties, contact Alyssa Cholodofsky at Alyssa.Cholodofsky@unitedwayswpa.org. To learn more about Women’s Leadership Council in Allegheny County, contact Lynne Popash at lynne.popash@unitedwayswpa.org.