Making an impact through knowledge

“United Way’s WLC brings women of all different backgrounds and fields together to help others.”

For Christine Koebley, volunteering comes naturally. “Throughout my life, I’ve always been an active volunteer, but after witnessing some of the work United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) does, I was excited to become a member of an organization that utilizes each woman’s unique talents to make a difference,” she said.

Christine grew up near New York City but moved to Pittsburgh for college and decided to make the city her new home. Since then, she has committed herself to making a difference in any way that she can.

At her first job out of college, she donated to United Way through her company’s workplace campaign, which allowed her to learn about what the organization does for the community. She was encouraged by the impact United Way was making and decided to take her involvement with the organization a step further by attending a few WLC events.

While attending the annual WLC Wine Tasting event last spring, Christine networked with women from all over western Pennsylvania and was inspired to join the Council. She’s excited to become more involved with women who share a devotion to giving back.

“It’s great to work with a group of women that have such a strong bond over a shared vision,” she commented. “Learning is endless. Networking with women outside our professions gives us the opportunity to learn something new and then use that knowledge as a resource to better serve our community.”

Christine hopes to become even more involved with WLC by joining the RFP Committee in the future, so she can help identify our region’s most critical needs and work with other WLC members to help United Way make the biggest impact.

“We all share one goal—to make a difference. I’m looking forward to seeing what other volunteer opportunities are available, so I can continue to have a positive impact on others’ lives,” Christine said.

To learn more about United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council, contact Lynne Popash at in Allegheny County or Alyssa Cholodofsky at in Westmoreland County.