Blohm Family


20 years of community support and leadership

As Maria and Brian Blohm tell it, they met at KPMG in Washington, D.C.,and “the rest was history.” Twenty years later, Maria and Brian now have two kids, Bella and Anthony, and they live in Pittsburgh. Maria is a native of Pittsburgh, while Brian grew up in Long Island, New York. Both have continued their careers with KPMG. Maria is an Audit Partner and Brian is a Technology Assurance Managing Director.

Their kids are at the center of their busy lives with weekends filled with soccer, hockey, and baseball. Despite their family commitments, they’ve had time to make a big impact on their local community. They have both been donors for over 20 years. “As soon as we came back to Pittsburgh, we again decided to support the United Way,” says Maria. “We’ve volunteered on various committees, participated in the Bridges Society, and now we’re honored to be a part of Tocqueville Society. For us, it was a no-brainer.”

“There’s no other organization that brings businesses and professionals together to give back to the community and create change like United Way does,” says Brian. “It’s a natural fit for KPMG since our community efforts focus on education and supporting lifelong learning through KPMG’s Family for Literacy. Giving back and supporting United Way’s 100,000 Books and Adopt a School programs ties into KPMG’s mission to support kids in school and life.”

As Tocqueville members, Maria and Brian encourage people to join a cadre of like-minded professionals. “It helps you build great connections with others in Pittsburgh and specifically in the business community. You’ll find representatives from every major corporation and company in Pittsburgh. But more importantly, we just feel a real sense of gratitude about where we are today and have a strong desire to give back as much as we can.”