Iryna Khalymon


Processing Specialist II, Processing Department

Processing Department employee Iryna Khalymon has a passion for helping donors contribute to United Way and its campaigns. As a Processing Specialist, Iryna sets up campaigns to allow donors to have the best possible experience during their pledging process. She also makes sure to keep data accurate, eliminates difficulties with web access to the pledge site and supports donors or agencies faced with any problems related to their pledge or payments.

On a typical day, she starts with a glass of water with lemon – although a cup of coffee is the only thing that can wake her up – and assists her youngest daughter, Alina, with getting ready for school. Her morning at United Way begins with a short conversation with her supervisor and colleagues where they exchange a few jokes to start their day in a good mood. Then, she looks at her to-do list, checks if all campaign steps are happening on time and emails fundraising team members. Once she is back at home in McCandless, she enjoys spending time with her family, going on walks with her oldest daughter and watching movies together at night.

One of her favorite parts of her job is working with data in Excel or Andar. Transforming, correcting, filtering and preparing data for import is her Zen. Iryna also likes to communicate with donors and help them overcome all difficulties while making pledges. She also really enjoys United Way internal events (like Pancake Day), meetings and happy hours because they’re a chance to get to know other employees and create strong internal connections.

When she’s not at United Way, Iryna likes spending time outdoors with her family, traveling and exploring new trails, parks and cities. She might also be volunteering and helping people in need. We thank you, Iryna, for your dedication and service to United Way.