Taking a stand against domestic violence

“It is all of our responsibility to speak up and put an end to domestic violence.”

As part of its Southwest PA Says No More initiative, each year United Way, FISA Foundation and the Heinz Endowments host the Father’s Day Pledge event to provide an opportunity for our community leaders to commit to taking action to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

When Tracy Bauer heard that her employer, Williams, supported her in volunteering for the event, she signed up without hesitation. “It is an important topic to me, and I wanted to get involved.”

Throughout her life, Tracy has seen the effects of domestic violence from loved ones in bad situations and even first-hand. A close family friend was murdered by her estranged husband after years of an abusive relationship, and Tracy herself has faced situations of abuse. These experiences have affected her deeply and stayed with her.

The Father’s Day Pledge provides a great outlet for Tracy to volunteer her time for a cause she is passionate about. This year, the Pledge reached 2,700 people who committed to take action against domestic violence and sexual assault. During the event, many people shared personal stories, those of a loved one affected by domestic violence, or how they are helping to put an end to abusive relationships.

Tracy encourages others to get involved, attend the event or volunteer next year, or even just visit to learn more.

“This is everyone’s problem,” Tracy added. “The more we speak out, the more effective we will be at moving forward and putting a stop to it.”

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